Minh Hai Exported Seafood Processing Company
MINH HAI JOSTOCO are certified unit to meet the requirements of food safety and hygiene in accordance with the principles of HACCP of USFDA EU level code (DL 130) to export to EU
Trading name: MINH HAI JOSTOCO
Date of incorporation: 01/11/1995
Specialized in processing frozen seafood export and domestic consumption
Address: 09 Cao Thang, Ward 8, Ca Mau City, Vietnam.
Phone: (84 780) 3839396 - 3836971-3828278
Fax: (84 780) 3836921-3828898
Chairman: Nguyen Viet Cuong
Q.Tong director: Le Van Luu
Certified quality management system standard ISO 9001:2000
Certified quality management system standard SQF 2000CM.
Certified quality management system standards of BRC
Vietnam Quality Award

Advantage of the company's quality management system international standard
Situated just good fresh raw shrimp, including shrimp
Factory, modern equipment
Technical workers with high skill levels.
Willing to joint venture with domestic and foreign partners to seafood business.
Willing to organize production according to customer's process

Human resources 1,100 full-time employees.
Production capacity more than 6000 tons / year
Export market, the USA, Japan, Canada, Korea, Hong Kong, China, France, Germany, UK and other European countries.
Quality Policy of the company "QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENTS meet the increasing needs of customers".
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  • HOTLINE: (0710) 3811 386
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