Hoang Loc Industrial Printing - Packaging Co., LTD
As a private first unit of the Mekong Delta region is closed investment packaging production unit provides the export of agricultural and fishery products, sweets, high-quality cosmetics.
With a team of highly skilled staff directly produced on a closed line and modern, so our products are the leading export sector credit.
Hoang Loc Industrial Printing Packaging Co., Ltd. has gradually affirmed its position in the Company's most reputable in the market in the Mekong Delta by providing high-end packaging products for export Agriculture and Fisheries, confectionery, cosmetics area, our most valued clients are exporters of seafood in Vietnam as Top ten: CPTS Company Minh Phu Mau, Soc Trang Kim Anh Co., compact FIMEX Soc Soc Trang Trang Co., Ut Xi, compact Afiex An Giang, the company Agifish An Giang, Giang Nam Viet, Basa Company Tho, Can Tho Thuan Hung, HMP Viet Huong Can Tho, confectionery establishments in the city. Tho.
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